Sunday, July 20, 2008

Do NOT register at Ta*get! Don't do it!

Several people had mentioned to me that I might not want to register at Ta*get. The stories they had to tell where just awful. The treatment of the brides... just horrific!

I took their advise and didn't register at Ta*get. I was tempted... thought long and hard about it. Had even thought that I might add Target registry as the wedding date neared.

Yesterday, I was returning a pair of rather expensive sunglasses. I didn't bother looking at the price in the store, but when I realized they were $20 plus... they had to go back.

I walk into the store and the line at the return desk was pretty long. Someone was clearing holding up the line. A Bride was returning a few large items, but they were not letting her. She was very upset... tears were starting to fall! They wouldn't take her returns.

She had received several duplicate items from her registry and was requesting store credit for the items. She did not have the gift receipts. She was pointing to her registry showing the clerk where the items had been purchased. They didn't care. No gift receipt, No return.

I left... I just couldn't watch any longer! She was a fellow Bride... That could have been me!

About 30 minutes later, I walked back over to check on the situation... She was still there! Fully crying and no one care. I walked away... couldn't watch! When I turned to leave, I noticed one of the managers who had been speaking with her earlier. I stopped him and asked what was going on. He told me she didn't have gift receipts. I said, "But she's registered here and is returning items from her registry!" He said without a gift receipt they would not return items. He then stated,

"I got married 2 years ago and we asked on the invitations that gift receipts be provide"...

You're kidding me... right? "No, I am serious. I work in retail."

Wonder why he didn't just put "Cash only!" on the invitations!

I made sure he knew I had seen how they treated the poor bride and that as a bride I would NOT be registering with Ta*get!

You can't treat your customers like that! She was crying and no one cared...


Check out the number of complaints with a Google search! WOW!

I googled "ta*get store bridal registry return policy" thinking I would find out exactly what the policy was... on NO... just page after page of complaints!

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